Social Media Copywriting: 11 Tips for Busy Business Owners

Your guide to building an engaged audience with social media copywriting - 11 tips for busy business owners.


Shane Curry

11/3/20238 min read

A cityscape, purple hues, with icons of connected people, representing social media
A cityscape, purple hues, with icons of connected people, representing social media

Social media is a powerful way to promote your brand and engage with your audience. Captain obvious over here.

How to apply effective social media copywriting strategies isn’t as obvious. So, I’ll cover 11 valuable tips for driving engagement and promoting your brand.

Let’s delve into social media copywriting for busy business owners.

What is Social Media Copywriting?

It’s creating compelling, concise, and engaging written content for social media platforms. You must write captivating headlines, attention-grabbing captions, and persuasive call-to-action messages.

You want to attract, inform, and motivate users to take specific actions. Every word counts in a tweet, a LinkedIn post, or an Instagram caption.

Capturing attention quickly is the aim of the game. With the number of people playing rising, standing out and making an impact is crucial.

Social media copywriters are skilled at breaking complex ideas into concise posts. They ensure content is easily digestible for audiences.

But social media copywriting isn’t rocket science. And busy business owners like you can get ahead of your competition with these 11 tips.

Writing for Social Media: 11 Tips to Drive Engagement

Hook examples for social media copywriting
Hook examples for social media copywriting

11. Monitor and analyze your performance

Tracking your performance allows you to make data-driven decisions. Analyse your social media metrics regularly and adapt your copywriting strategies accordingly.

Maybe building a huge following is your goal. So you can pinpoint the posts that get the most engagement and followers. Then, double down on those types of posts.

Capturing leads might be your main goal. Follow the same strategy with posts generating the most leads.

Social Media Copywriting Best Practices

When it comes to social media copywriting, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Be consistent with your brand voice and tone.

Consistency is key when it comes to social media copywriting. Maintaining a consistent brand voice and tone across all platforms helps you create a cohesive and recognizable identity for your audience.

Whether you're posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, your copy should reflect your brand's personality and values.

Writing how you speak is a good rule of thumb.

Test different copy variations to see what resonates.

Testing different copy variations for posts helps you understand what resonates best with your audience. Experiment with different messaging, and gather valuable insights into what drives engagement and conversions.

This could involve testing

  • Different headlines

  • Calls to action

  • Post length

Track and analyse the results to optimise your future social media copywriting efforts.

Stay updated with the latest trends.

Staying updated with the latest social media trends is crucial if you want to make a big impact. Keep an eye on industry trends, popular hashtags, and viral content.

Note what makes these posts work. You can use the same elements in your social media copywriting to stay relevant and capture attention.

Look out for

  • Trending topics

  • Popular memes

  • Viral challenges

Getting in on the fun can broaden your reach.

Engage with your audience.

Engagement is a fundamental aspect of social media. It's not enough to simply post content and forget it - actively engage with your audience.

Responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly shows that you value your audience and encourages further interaction.

Promote a sense of community and build relationships with your followers to create a loyal and engaged fan base.

Collaborate with influencers and like-minded brands.

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with influencers and partner with like-minded brands. It can significantly expand your reach on social media.

Team up with influencers who align with your brand values and have a similar target audience. You can tap into their existing following and gain wider exposure.

Likewise, partnering with like-minded brands for joint campaigns or cross-promotions can help you reach new audiences and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Copywriting Formulas for Social Media

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula that guarantees success for social media copywriting. But tried-and-tested copywriting formulas can serve as valuable guides along the way.

  • Capture attention

  • Evoke emotions

  • Drive growth

Problem Agitate Solution

The PAS formula is a powerful copywriting technique. This approach involves

  • Identifying a problem

  • Agitating its pain points

  • Positioning you as the solution

Highlight a common issue your target audience faces, tap into their emotions surrounding that problem, and create a sense of urgency in solving it.

Before After Bridge

The BAB formula is all about painting a vivid picture of the current situation, describing the desired outcome after using your product or service, and bridging the gap by showing how your brand can help achieve that outcome.

This copywriting formula goes all in on the transformation. The health and fitness industry uses it to great effect.

By highlighting the transformation your offer brings, you create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience's aspirations. This formula helps them envision a better future and positions your brand as the catalyst for change.

Ask a Question

Asking a thought-provoking question is a simple yet effective way to spark curiosity and encourage engagement. Pose a question that resonates with your target audience. Invite them to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives.

This formula can be particularly useful for starting conversations, generating comments, and fostering a sense of community. It allows you to tap into the power of social media as a platform for dialogue and interaction.

You can read my ultimate copywriting guide to delve deeper into formulas.

Content Ideas for Social Media

Sometimes, social media becomes a sea of sameness. Here are a few ideas to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Create interactive polls or quizzes

Interactive polls and quizzes are an interesting way to engage your social media audience.

Well-crafted quizzes

  • Encourage user participation

  • Offer insights into preferences and opinions

  • Promote wider engagement when people share results

Create polls or quizzes relevant to your industry or niche. Spark conversations and gather valuable data that can inform your future marketing strategies.

Share behind-the-scenes content

Humanise your brand by sharing behind-the-scenes content. This could include sneak peeks of your team working on new projects, office tours, or even showcasing the process behind creating your products or services.

Let your audience see the people behind the brand. It shows authenticity and builds trust with your followers.

Offer exclusive discounts or promotions

Exclusive discounts or promotions specifically for your social media followers are a great way to reward their loyalty. It makes your followers feel appreciated and builds a stronger connection with your brand.

These exclusive offers can also help drive traffic to your website or physical store, boosting sales and increasing brand awareness.

Share user-generated content and testimonials

Sharing user-generated content and testimonials is an effective way to showcase the positive impact your business has on your customers.

Feature content created by your audience, such as

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • Reviews

It highlights the value you offer and shows how people trust you.

Social proof influences potential customers and encourages them to engage with your business.

Ask your audience to share their experiences

You can ask your audience to share their favourite tips, tricks, or stories related to your industry or niche. It’s a great way to engage and compare experiences.

Encouraging your followers to share their knowledge creates valuable user-generated content. It also sparks opportunities for meaningful conversations and connections.

These conversations position your brand as an industry authority, helping you build a loyal social media following.


Social media copywriting is a valuable skill to have. It can help your business stand out in the digital universe of uniformity.

Implementing the tips in this article will help you create compelling and engaging social media copy.

  • Drive engagement

  • Build brand awareness

  • Promote your business online

Experiment and adapt to find what works best for your audience and brand.

Go ahead and put these tips into action. Watch your social media presence soar.

Don’t have time to up your social media game? Make use of professional copywriting services to do it for you.

Phone in neon blue with social media icons coming out of the screen, black background
Phone in neon blue with social media icons coming out of the screen, black background

Writing effective social media copy is a skill that requires careful consideration and strategy. To engage and make true connections, you should go beyond the basics.

Here are 11 tips that will help you craft compelling social media content:

1. Know your audience

Before you start writing your social media copy, take the time to understand your target audience. What are their…

  • Interests

  • Pain points

  • Aspirations

Tailoring your copy to resonate with your audience helps you connect with them on a deeper level. It means you can hold their interest, giving you a better chance of persuading them to act.

2. Use a conversational tone

Social media is all about building relationships. Ditch the corporate jargon and speak to your audience in a conversational tone. Use friendly, relatable, and everyday language.

You might get caught up in trying to sound professional.

  • Big words

  • Long sentences

  • Complex messaging

But that builds a barrier to connection between you and your readers. Keep it conversational to communicate your value on a human level.

Depending on your industry, you may need to discuss complex ideas and concepts. Bring it back to tip one in that case.

Always write for your audience.

3. Keep it concise

With limited characters on some platforms, it's important to keep your social media copy punchy. Get to the point quickly and deliver your message with impact.

Not every post needs to be super short. And you should take the platform into account. But always show the value of your post early to capture interest.

No one’s sticking around for long posts with no value.

4. Write compelling hooks

Your hooks (or headlines) are the first impression users will have of your content. Make it attention-grabbing and intriguing. Compel your audience to stop, click, and read more.

5. Use visuals to enhance your copy

A picture is worth a thousand words - cliche alert! It’s a cliche for a reason, though. Pair your copy with visually appealing images, videos, or graphics to make your content more engaging and shareable.

And pictures can add a personal touch to your social media game. Showing the person behind the brand helps you connect with people.

6. Incorporate storytelling

Storytelling has become a buzzword in the marketing industry lately. Advice about it is everywhere because it works.

Humans are hardwired to connect with stories, so weave narratives into your social media copy. Create compelling stories that capture the interest of your audience and showcase your brand values.

Storytelling doesn’t mean sharing intimate details of your life. It means giving people a look behind the curtain of your business.


  • Wins

  • Losses

  • Lessons

  • Your journey

7. Be authentic

People value transparency and authenticity in businesses. So don't be afraid to show the human side of your brand.

Your social game doesn’t need to be professional and stuffy. Inject personality into your social media copywriting and build trust with your audience.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to differentiate yourself from others. Take it.

8. Use emojis and hashtags strategically

Emojis and hashtags can add personality and enhance the discoverability of your social media posts. Use them sparingly and strategically to amplify your message and increase engagement.

I’m not a big fan of using emojis. But I see some people using them effectively.

9. Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content is a powerful way to build brand awareness and loyalty. Encourage your audience to create and share content related to your brand, and showcase it on your social media platforms.

This can include…

  • Hashtag campaigns

  • Product reviews

  • Blog comments

10. Leverage the power of CTAs

A well-crafted call to action (CTA) drives your audience to take the desired action. It could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or following your social media accounts.

Be clear and compelling with your CTAs. Give people an easy next step to follow.

The less friction around that step, the better.

Call to action examples for social media copywriting
Call to action examples for social media copywriting